Working Green: 4 Ways to Minimize Waste in the Office

Office Waste

Waste management is an important aspect of environmental conservation. It should not only be implemented at home but in the workplace too. One way to manage waste is by reducing litter produced by your organization. To implement this, you can hire waste management services from Utah to do an audit on your firm and advise on areas you should cut down on wastage.

Although some of these are dependent on what your organization does, there are some common areas in which companies can reduce waste. Enviro Care Inc., a waste management service provider in Utah, recommends the following:


Massive printing not only increases waste in your organization, but also consumes energy and ink. Instead of printing, encourage electronic transmission of documents, communication, and record keeping. When it can’t be avoided, minimize the amount of papers used by printing on both sides of the papers.

2.Recycling and Re-using

If you don’t have a recycling program in your office, it is time to implement one. Purchase recycling bins and put them in strategic places in the office. They should have appropriate labels to help sort waste in different categories such as papers, plastics, and metals.

3. Start a Composting Program

Organic matter contributes to the bulk of waste discharged from the work place environment. Composting minimizes the volume of garbage and eventually help add life to plants around the office. Have compost bins placed strategically and use the resulting humus in the flower beds, potted plants or gardens.

4. Stay Away from Disposable Utensils

Using paper plates and disposable cups results in enormous waste. Encourage staff to use real cups and plates. Equip your kitchen with enough storage to keep it sanitary so they can be comfortable with washing and storing their utensils there.

Without prompting, your workers may not realize how much they are contributing to unnecessary wastage. If necessary, conduct sensitization workshops so they understand their role in promoting sustainability while they are at work.