Why is Aftercare Important Following Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern Ireland?

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There are typically three stages to any cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland: consultation, implementation and aftercare. Each of these might entail different levels of interaction with a dentist. Sometimes consultation and implementation can take place within the same appointment. Most patients focus on the first two stages because they want to get their treatment done and enjoy the results. However, aftercare is an important stage.

When someone has cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland, they need to choose a practitioner who meets their high standards for dental care. They might assess a dentist’s qualifications, look at their previous work and meet with them to check that they have a rapport. One of the areas where they should concentrate their research efforts is aftercare. A great practice, like Blue Sky, will have a comprehensive aftercare service and will support their patient’s process at home with information and follow-ups appointments.

What does aftercare entail?

The exact schedule of aftercare will vary from treatment to treatment. It often includes the following:

  • Check-ups — while some treatments, like teeth whitening, do not require a strict schedule of aftercare check-up appointments, others, like tooth replacement will. This is because dental implants, for example, involve minor surgery and so the dentist needs to check that healing and integration is taking place. In practice, it’s great for anyone who has cosmetic dentistry to at least keep up to date with their regular check-ups so that they know they are protecting the investment they have made in their teeth;
  • Dental hygiene routine — the patient is as much responsible for aftercare as their dentist. They look after their teeth every day. However, it is up to a dentist to provide their patients with relevant advice and tips after their treatment. This might include new equipment or special care instructions for equipment like braces;

Top-ups — the great thing about some cosmetic dentistry treatment is that, after the first time, it is easier to enjoy the same effects with regular, quicker top-ups. This is particularly true of teeth whitening which makes it a popular treatment. Patients can keep their teeth looking sparkly using custom-made trays and dental-grade gel from their dentist at home.