What Kind of Dental Treatment Overseas Can People Get?

a girl at the dentist

When people first consider the idea of dental treatment overseas, cost is usually a motivating factor. They may want to save a large amount on their dental treatment, or they may want to get more for their budget than they could in the UK. Whatever the instigating idea, once people start looking into dental treatment abroad, they are often pleasantly surprised by what is available. They may even start to consider more refinements for their smile than what they were originally after.

While someone might wish to take advantage of low-cost, high-quality dental treatment overseas, they may be put off by logistical challenges. These might include finding a qualified practitioner, booking accommodation and transport or the idea of getting access to after-care. All of this can be taken care of by a facilitating company like Access Smile.

What Does a Facilitating Company Do?

A facilitating company is typically UK-based with connections in a country, like Hungary. An excellent service will include English-speaking guides at all points from booking to completion of treatment. This is so that the patient always knows what is going on and can ask questions. The whole process should be seamless when a facilitating company is involved. They do all the treatment and accommodation booking in the destination as well as ensuring that the patient has appointments at UK-based clinics to prepare them for any work they have abroad.

What Work Can Someone Have Done?

It is most common for people to have extensive cosmetic work done abroad. This is because this type of treatment is often expensive in the UK and not funded by the NHS. However, a lot of treatments also have huge benefits in terms of functionality and oral health. Dental implants are a good example of this. People can also consider treatments such as veneers or crowns that restore the appearance and integrity of their smile. Many take advantage of smile design services when they have dental treatment overseas. This is where a qualified practitioner assesses their smile and recommends a combination of treatments to improve the appearance. This is guided by design principles that aim to increase the general attractiveness of someone’s teeth.