The Way to Better Positioning

Woman on a dental chair

When the teeth are brought into alignment, they are able to function more efficiently. They also become easier to clean. Orthodontics is the area of modern dentistry that focuses on teeth repositioning and realignment. People seeking orthodontics in Weybridge, from practices like Weybridge Orthodontics, will find an effective long-term solution to poor dental function and higher risks to oral health that badly positioned teeth can bring.

Techniques and Equipment

The alleviation of dental crowding, the correction of the bite, and the toning down of prominent front teeth can all be achieved with modern orthodontics. The methods of treatment and the appliances worn in the mouth are more comfortable today than they used to be in the past. Those eye-catching train track style braces are no longer the default option. The braces can be tooth-coloured, clear, or nearly invisible. And sometimes these appliances can be removed for the times when meals are eaten and teeth are brushed. For professional adults in Weybridge, orthodontics techniques and materials are discreet and customised for effectiveness and comfort. Potential embarrassment at business meetings or social events is minimised as far as possible.

Healthy Chomping

Bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease all begin to happen when food debris and plaque are allowed to build up in the mouth. As tidier teeth are easier to clean than higgledy-piggledy ones, the chance of these oral health problems developing is reduced by a course of orthodontics. Weybridge dentists also know that neater teeth are less likely to be damaged and that they put less strain on the jaw. By making the mouth more efficient, the dental patient looks after their overall health.

The Test of Time

Orthodontics works by putting gentle pressure on the teeth, so time is needed for the effects to fully emerge. But each treatment is planned with a precision specific to each patient and progress is monitored through regular check-ups. A course of orthodontics in Weybridge might take between 6 months to a year or longer. This is relatively fast, and once the teeth are in their new positions, the patient will enjoy a lifetime of tidy teeth and improved oral health.