Too Afraid to Smile?

Woman holding Invisalign aligner

If people are happy with their teeth, it usually means they’re happy with the way they smile. If having crooked teeth or a misaligned bite is preventing anyone from smiling with confidence, then they could consider a teeth straightening treatment like braces.

However, a lot of adults would rather carry on smiling with their mouths closed than face the prospect of wearing metal braces to straighten their teeth. It might be that they worry about people noticing them at work or during a special occasion because they’re simply not discreet enough. At dental practices such as PDC Dental, they understand these worries entirely, which is why they offer patients the clear alternative of invisible braces in Barnsley.

The Invisalign vision

In Barnsley, invisible braces are recommended by dentists to adult patients who are searching for a discreet and efficient way of teeth straightening. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry and technology, Invisalign challenges the way adults often associate braces with a treatment meant for only children or teenagers.

Invisalign is also a flexible form of teeth straightening treatment, so patients can be treated while maintaining the flow of their lifestyle. They work as a series of clear invisible aligners, which are changed roughly every two weeks so that the teeth can be shifted gently and gradually over time. As removable aligners, they can be taken out to eat, drink, and brush teeth.

Many people find it hard to imagine how their own smile can be transformed so dramatically. Thanks to modern advances in dental technology, people can now view a 3D computer simulation of their future smile. This enables patients to see what their smile will look like after their teeth have been straightened but before treatment even begins.

A clear explanation

A lot of people desire straight teeth without having to deal with the hassle of metal braces. Not only do these clear alternatives solve the problem of feeling self-conscious during treatment, but they help to improve oral health. This is because straighter teeth are easier to clean and so bacteria has less chance and fewer places to accumulate, leading to the development of plaque and even gum disease. Invisible braces in Barnsley are all about providing patients with a comfortable treatment and confident, healthy smiles.