The Growing Importance of Urgent Care Clinics

When you need immediate medical help, the first thing that comes to mind is going to the nearest emergency room. But did you know that it might take you a while to get treated in an ER, especially if your case is not life-threatening?

Emergency rooms are usually jam-packed with patients, and they prioritize those with serious cases. So if you want to have immediate help with the same quality of healthcare, then an urgent care clinic is the best option for you. Urgent care here in Lehi is an important facility, and here is why.

No need to set an appointment

When your primary care physician is not available, you can go to the nearest urgent care clinic in your area without having to set up an appointment, because most of them operate on a “walk-in” basis. So all you need to do is show up, and you will get your turn in less than an hour.

Reduce Wait Time

Unlike with ERs where you could end up waiting for your turn for several hours, the average wait time for urgent care clinics is just 15 minutes or sometimes even less. Records also show that about 80% of urgent care patients finish their checkup or treatment in less than an hour.

Lower Costs

The costs associated with urgent care facilities are much lower than those in ERs. It may also be covered by your insurance provider, so you better check with them and ask how much the co-pay will be. In most cases, the co-pay is significantly lower in urgent care clinics.

Unclogs The ER

Another benefit of urgent care facilities is the fact that it helps unclog the ERs. The ER should be reserved for serious cases, especially the life-threatening ones.

However, when people with less serious injuries flock to the ER, the medical staff gets spread too thin and cannot focus on the patients who truly need their attention.

If you have any doubts about the quality of healthcare offered in urgent care clinics, they have skilled and experienced doctors like any other ERs. They also have a wide range of care offered like general check-ups, STD testing, and some even offer fracture care.

The next time you need immediate medical attention, you can go to the nearest urgent care facility.