The Benefits of a Spa Break in Bath

Man and woman having a spa treatment

The estimated patronage volume for British spas from UK consumers alone is six million annually. This is according to a study conducted by a market intelligence firm. The UK currently enjoys a decent chunk of the global spa market, estimated at $60 billion.

The UK spa market segmentation falls into six categories: Hotel and resort spa (41%), Health Club spa (27%), Day spa (12%), Destination health spa (9%), Others (7%) and Medical spa (4%).

The influence of the local weather is in part responsible for this, and perhaps, for this reason, spas find sites in destinations that offer great ambience. Thus, it is not uncommon to see people on vacation taking the much-needed spa breaks in Bath, UK.

There are apparently benefits derived from taking a spa break as indicated by the statistics cited earlier. Here are three of those benefits.


This is a critical routine for the body to undergo regularly to ensure thorough cleansing, evacuation of toxins and regeneration as well as the smooth flow of the blood throughout the entire body. The organs that typically require attention via this process are the liver, skin, kidneys and lungs.

A spa break in Bath will address these issues especially after work stress and a high chemical diet.

Ageing Control

Age is conventionally irreversible, but spas provide anti-ageing treatments that manage the process and enable patients to look and feel younger. Some of these treatments include peels and exfoliation as well as non-surgical facials.

Weight Loss

The ambience and treatment regimen contained within a spa treatment package typically enable overweight patients to lose weight. Fortunately, some spas provide weight loss and fitness consultations as well as sessions with personal trainers.

As more people become aware of the benefits of this leisure holidays, spa breaks in Bath among other destinations will increase in popularity. There will likely be a ripple effect on the health of the populace as well as the people on vacation.