Proven Ways to Get Abs

Super fast abs workout with the man in the gym

Contrary to popular belief doing hundreds of sit-ups and crunches a week or dieting will not get you the sculpted 6-pack you often see online and in print. Abs come out because of a coordinated approach to gain and define muscles, which requires a strict nutrition plan and exercise program.

An expert from in Happy Valley, OR cites the following ways you can get the results you want.

Macro Nutrition

Many have the misconception that to lose weight and burn fat; they need to reduce or completely remove carbohydrates from their diet. In fact, it is wrong to take out carbs from your nutrition program, if you want to sculpt your abs.

Carbs are the body’s energy boosters, if you have to of this in your diet, you will lack the energy needed to lose fat and build muscle. The body’s reaction to lack of carbohydrates is to burn muscle because it needs to keep the fat. Experts recommend redesigning your nutrition program by adding lean meats and protein sources such as eggs, poultry, lean part of the meat and first-rate carbs like grains and vegetables. Focus the intake of carbohydrates around your training as this is the time your body needs energy for exercise sessions.

Turn Muscle Into Fat

Even if you follow a strict diet, to get sculpted abs, you’ll need to focus on muscle building and strength training as well. Incorporate exercises such as dead-lifts, presses and squats as these target several muscle groups simultaneously. These allow you to gain muscle and boost metabolism.

Mix and Match Cardio Exercises

Integrating calorie-burning cardio exercises improve your chances of getting abs that appear. Experts agree that you’ll need a mix of steady-state and high-intensity sessions. Have a session of these for two to four times a week to get the results you want.

These are a handful of things you can do to sculpt your abdomen into defined abs. Practice these to live healthier and improve your fitness level.