Prized Pedi: Ways You Can Enhance Your Me Time

Woman Getting A Pedicure

Sandal season or not, a fresh, dainty pedi is a quick way to make anyone look put-together.

Clean nails look pretty, no doubt, but for many, well-kept nails say a lot about a person’s personality. More than enhancing one looks, moreover, a mani-pedi session at the spa can also be the best way to unwind and relax after a long day.

You think your spa–slash-nail-pampering session couldn’t get any better, but there are ways you can enhance your “me” time.

Make sure you end up with pretty nails that are just as healthy with the following tips:

1. Don’t always jump on bargains.

While it’s true that a hefty price tag for a manicure/pedicure doesn’t always guarantee an ethically run salon, rock-bottom prices should give you a hint that something is off.

Skip a manicure that costs $10 or less. A great deal goes into running a nail salon, such as materials like polish, buffers, and clippers are expensive. Then, there’s also the need for sterilization equipment, on top of rent and nail technician wage, among other expenses.

If a nail salon offers its services at such low rates, just think of how many people the technicians have to do in a day so the salon can pay employees fairly and keep up with the rent? How much did they have to scrimp on sterilization and the materials? With tired technicians, below par materials and poor tool hygiene, you might not always end up with the results you like. Worse, you may even end up with a nail fungus or an infection.

2. Check the salon’s overall hygiene.

There are easy ways to spot how your salon maintains cleanliness: you may look at the work stations, the employees, or even their sterilization practices to make sure their overall environment is clean.

There are also little details, however, that give away the hygiene of a salon such as the scratches their nail file. If you see marks on the nail file, it means the technician used it on someone else, which is unhygienic.

Don’t be afraid to call them out, or ask questions about their sanitation practices – any ethical salon should be comfortable addressing any of your hygiene-related concerns.

3. Memorize the motions.

Know the steps involved in a manicure. Your session should always start with a scrub. Before the service begins, you and your technician must wash your hands using antibacterial soap.

Cutting the cuticle is not a mandatory part of a mani or pedi procedure. As a matter of fact, you are better off without having it cut. Cuticles grow to protect your nail bed from bacteria, and trimming it compromises that barrier, which often leads to infection. Instead, ask your manicurist to push them back with a cotton-covered stick.

By looking out for these telltale signs, you can make sure you don’t end up with more than you bargained for. Of course, your best bet is to stick with a salon that has a solid reputation for providing excellent services at any rate.

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