All Night Long: The Rise of Sleep-Deprived Teenagers

Sleep-deprived Teenager

Working adults are not the only ones who experience sleep deprivation. We need to keep an eye out of teenagers as well. Many find relief in staying up late at night while using their mobile phones to chat with friends, watch videos, and succumb to other online distractions. These involve the use of electronic devices that emit blue light, fooling the brain that it is not yet time to sleep.

Studies suggest that many teenagers today sleep around 12:30 am. If they are not doing their homework on computers, they are up watching videos or chatting with their friends. This only keeps them from falling asleep when they want to. Note that the use of such devices inhibits the production of melatonin and keeps teens from feeling exhausted.

The New Culture

While online distractions contribute to sleep deprivation in teens, there is also the culture that puts more importance on activity than rest. Many teens feel pressured in accomplishing things or being better in what they do. These may include working more or later to get good grades, getting involved in extracurricular activities, or doing whatever it takes to get to the college they want.

Putting Off Sleep

There is nothing wrong with studying hard to get good grades, but it is also important to set aside time for sleeping. Many teenagers today would sacrifice rest for an activity they think is important.

Facing the Repercussions

Sleep deprivation also disrupts the circadian rhythm, contributing to metabolic disturbances like obesity and other chronic conditions. This, along with reduced sleep hours, can have long-term effects on their health and well-being. A teen’s academic performance also suffers, with problems such as inability to think, concentrate, and solve problems.

Parents and educators should encourage healthy habits in teens, and this includes getting enough sleep. Discouraging the late-night use of electronic creating an environment conducive to sleep and proper time management are some of the things you can do.