Mistakes You Can Make When Helping an Eating Disorder Victim

woman suffering from eating disorder

Eating disorders can affect both a victim’s physical and psychological aspects. It can even endanger their health, and eventually their lives.

If you have a friend that’s currently going through bulimia, binge eating or other such disorders and want to help them, avoid these mistakes or you might make things worse.

Denying the Signs

You may think that your friend’s eating habits are still basically the same over the years, but not everyone is aware of their sickness until they accept the fact that they are truly ill. Some signs and symptoms are connected to eating disorders and seeing them as “normal” or assuring your friend that everything’s fine will only create a false sense of security which will continue this vicious cycle.

Nagging and Sermonizing

Going to the extreme opposite of denial is not the solution either. Constantly guarding and “reminding” your friend of what they need to do and avoid will not help if that is the only thing they will hear from you.

Choose to encourage them when they’re down or praise them for a job well done. If they fail, help them up instead of slamming them with their mistakes. It’s alright to discuss their errors, but it is better that you help them get back on their feet and pursue the right solutions instead.

Delaying Professional Help

Some believe that visiting a dietary clinic specializing in eating disorder treatments should be the final option. The truth is, it’s always best to ask medical help from centers like EDCare first for such problems since they do have the diagnosis, technology and expertise to solve your friend’s situation. Putting off medical appointments or ignoring the need for professional help altogether because “it’s still ok” will make things more difficult for the victim in the end.

Overall, if you are a true friend and want to help, stay firm but caring. Also, make yourself available when they do need you. Small things such a listening ear or your presence can make a difference.