If You Find These Warning Signs in Someone, They Might Be Battling Drug Addiction

Woman experiencing withdrawal syndrome due to drug addictionDrug addiction is devastating, and many individuals do not realize that they are addicted until it becomes very serious. Overcoming addiction by your own is not easy. That’s why seeking professional help or drug therapy and treatment is advisable.

To overcome drug addiction, facilities such as drug and alcohol rehab centers in Los Angeles help patients regain hope and a future and make them completely turn away from substance abuse.

Here are a few signs that might indicate someone is suffering from addiction.

Financial Trouble

Once someone you know starts draining their bank accounts just to buy hard drugs, they might be an addict. Experts recommend they seek help immediately. If untreated, they will continue going outside their budget just to get satisfaction from drugs. Eventually, their finances will deplete, which might force them to turn to stealing.


This refers to an intense desire for certain drugs. It can develop and can even make addiction sufferers travel long distances just to get hold of a particular drug. If they don’t control this early on, they might end up neglecting family and work responsibilities, leading them to self-destruct slowly.


Addicted people tend to withdraw themselves from their friends and family. The causes of this include anxiety, stigma or depression resulting from the drug addiction. If you think someone you know is uncomfortable in the company of those who don’t take drugs, it is a sign of severe addiction.


Taking the same drugs for a long period can make one fully dependent on it such that they do not feel normal without it. If taking a lower dose of the amount they are used to no longer satisfies them and it’s hard to withdraw from consuming it, it means they need help.

It’s never too late. If you observe these warning signs in someone you know, be a friend. Encourage them to get professional help. They, too, deserve a second chance at life.