Coping with Relapses in Anorexia Recovery

Woman suffering from anorexia

Anyone suffering from any type of eating disorder will vouch for the fact that recovery is never easy and there’s a risk for relapses. But it is important to remember that relapses do not mean that recovery is not possible. You can handle the situation correctly with professional help and you can be on the road to full recovery soon.

Coping with relapses

Patients with binge eating disorders and anorexia may face relapses during their treatment period. To cope with them, you need at least one person with whom you can be totally honest. This is important because anorexia thrives on deceit.  You can easily deceive yourself by telling you are fine, even if you’re not. So having a true friend or loved one around will help you as he or she will challenge you. This is necessary regardless if you have been under recovery for days, weeks, or months.

Identifying the relapse triggers

It is important to know why the relapse happened, as it will help you make a prevention plan for the future. However, knowing the cause is not as important as it is to return to the suggested meal plan and the treatment offered after the relapse. If you plan on going on a holiday, then consult your therapist in advance, so that he or she can plan your meal accordingly to adapt to the outdoor settings. Learn to identify the relapse and start over again as soon as possible.

Choose to get better

When facing a relapse, you have two choices. You can go down the path of destruction again and end up in the hospital when your condition worsens. Or you can decide to turn everything around and get better. You can write down small goals that you can meet, such as changing your eating habits and increasing your exercise levels. Share your relapse episode with at least one family member or an individual in your treatment team. You can either talk to them or write to them.

These are just some of the many ways you can deal with relapse during your treatment period. Make sure that you embrace recovery again and take proper steps in the right direction.