The Causes and Risks Associated with Different Tire Tread Wear Patterns

a man checking out the tire

Car tires, like other components of your car, will eventually wear out. On average, the tires should be replaced once you clock 50,000 miles. Sometimes, however, your tire treads wear out before clocking their ideal mileage. This is because some car owners pick the wrong tire pressure, weight bearing, and friction for their vehicles.

The premature tire wear may also point to other issues like faulty suspension systems. You should visit a Salt Lake City auto service to get an accurate diagnosis and remedy for the tire tread wear. Here are the different patterns of tire tread wear and their typical causes and associated risks.

Center Wear

This wear pattern exclusively affects the middle of your car tires. The tires’ midsection look smoother compared to the edges and in extreme cases, almost bald. Center wear typically results from tire over-inflation and mismatched tires and wheels. It compromises braking and traction and increases the risks of blowouts since the worn out tires do not adequately dissipate heat.

Shoulder Wear

This type of wear occurs on one edge of the tire. Shoulder wear is a result of wheel misalignment. It might also result from incorrect toe setting, frequently carrying heavy loads, and insufficient tire-rotation intervals. Shoulder wear reduces your tires’ lifespan by over 20% and decreases your steering response.

Flat Spot Wear

This, unlike other typed of wear, occurs on a single spot of your tires. It results from extended periods of parking since the car’s weight distorts the tread patch on the ground. Flat spot wear can also follow locked up brakes and skidding. It causes inconsistent handling and steering vibrations.

Most car owners ignore the above wear pattern since they affect a seemingly small part. This, unfortunately, might cause fatal accidents since the wear affects different aspects of your driving. Though hard to detect, routine car service will pick out the above tread wear patterns early and salvage your tires.