Effective Defenses for a Fraud-related Charge

Businessman Looking At Document Through Magnifying Glass, Fraud conceptMany people erroneously believe that white-collar crimes are not very serious and that one can get away with small penalties and fines. Most white-collar crimes today involve some form of fraudulent conduct. Though these crimes often only have a financial impact on their victims, you can face severe penalties if you are found guilty of a fraud-related offense.

As such, the first person you should contact when faced with a fraud-related charge is a defense lawyer from a Marysville firm. The attorney will carefully evaluate the specifics surrounding your case to come up with the best defense to get you an acquittal. Here are some of the best arguments in fraud-related cases:

Mistake of Identity

With online shopping and banking, people are at risk of losing their money without meeting their crime’s perpetrator. A digital investigation might lead the police to you. In this case, your attorney will establish a digital and physical alibi for you during the period of the crime to prove that you are a victim of mistaken identity.


A business or person might accuse you of fraud, thinking that you were intentionally deceiving them. However, the truth might be that when you made a statement, you lacked some information on your transaction. In this case, your lawyer will clear the misunderstanding and have the charges dropped.

Lack of Intent

No fraud-based crime happens by accident. You must have intentionally defrauded a business or person to be guilty of fraud. If you made an honest mistake and were mixed up in a crime, your attorney can employ the lack of intent defense.

People assume that only those accused of defrauding substantial monetary sums get heavy penalties. However, fraud cases pay little regard to the amount of money involved and your criminal history. Hence, it is imperative to get exceptional legal representation regardless of your case’s specifics to get an acquittal.