The Best and Worst Ways to Design Vehicle Wraps for Business

Car Wrapping

From NASCAR racers to neighborhood plumbing vans, car decals or vehicle wraps are incredibly powerful advertising tools. Multinational corporations and local enterprises know how cost-effective this form of mobile advertising is, with its eye-catching quality capable of generating thousands of impressions in a single day.

As with any marketing method, there are good and bad design decisions in vehicle wrap advertising. Knowing what to adopt and what to avoid allows business owners to make the most out of their investments. Pay attention to the best design practices, and avoid the worst ones as much as possible.

DO Follow These:

Size Matters – Typically, vehicle wrap printing services in Dallas, TX recommend going for an oversized design for logo or hero images. For larger vehicle types like buses and vans, your wrap may consist of multiple images. Going large with the design means your image/brand/logo is visible from a distance while maintaining relatively straightforward but stylish choices. The image/s has to be recognizable, avoiding unnecessary details which can make the design look too busy and cluttered.

Minimal Text – The only text that needs to appear on a good vehicle wrap is the company name, phone number, and website URL. Arguments can be made for a slogan or call to action, provided it is kept short and not essay-length (or even haiku-length). A vehicle wrap ad will compete for attention with other distractions on the road, so it’s best to keep the message brief but impactful.

Design with Vehicle Doors in Mind – Any design can look good on a flat surface when all of the vehicle’s doors are closed. What it would like when the doors are open is a different thing. Beware of text/images that might look disastrous or offensive when they get clipped by an open door or trunk. Imagine how the overall design will look with these variables to create a visually wholesome vehicle wrap.

DON’T Follow These:

Neglect the Target Market – Business owners can get caught up in creating an eye-catching design, sometimes forgetting that it doesn’t really relate to the nature of their business. This comes down to keeping in mind what the target audience might find appealing – an image of lush greenery for a residential landscaping business, for example. Printing experts in Dallas, TX know that proper design should reach your intended market as opposed to attracting the look of people who aren’t interested in the services offered.

Skimping on Quality – Cutting corners on wrap materials often results in advertisements that fade and peel in a short span of time. With the right materials, vehicle wraps can last for a long time and provide a substantial return on investment (ROI).

The DIY Approach – While completely viable in other areas, going DIY on vehicle wrap design is not advisable. Too many factors can go wrong in the process for inexperienced hands, which only wastes time and resources. It’s always better to have expert input on areas like design to gain the most opportunities, customers, and sales this form of advertising has to offer.

There are so many ideas to explore with wrap design advertising. Consulting with design and printing professionals lets business owners refresh or even overhaul their entire branding, augmented by mobility for maximum exposure.