Electrical Emergencies and How to Deal With Them

Electrical emergencies can happen any time and at any home. As such, it is important to stay informed and ready to deal with emergencies to prevent further damage to your property and risks to your family’s health and safety.

Adam Tulloch shares some of the most basic but important things to remember when dealing with sudden electrical problems.

Call for help

Seek help from professional electricians. Do not attempt to conduct electrical testing to see what went wrong. Let your local electrician take care of the problem.

Clear the area

Turn off the main switch and clear the affected area. Make sure moisture and damp cloths do not come in contact with live wires. If one gets electrical shock, stay away from the person until you are protected from the current.

Protect yourself

Avoid wearing metal accessories or being in contact with an electrocuted person if you are wet or has damp clothing. Have insulators, such as rubber, wood and any non-metal products to help stop the flow of electric current.

Rescue others

Once you have the right gear and are sure that you will not get electrical shock, start saving others. Check for a pulse if a person has suffered from electrocution. Check for breathing and resuscitate if necessary. Conduct first aid for open wounds and burns to prevent infection until professional medical assistance arrives.

Seek medical help

Call for professional medical help before conducting first aid treatments. Even if the victim feels safe, visiting a hospital for a comprehensive assessment is still necessary.

Electricity is something that most people take for granted because. But proper use and maintenance are important to prevent accidents that may cause injuries and damage to property. Keep these things in mind to keep your family and your belongings safe.