Caskets Salt Lake-Style: A Thoughtful Send-off for a Dearly Departed

Casket with flowers

Saying goodbye to a loved one to be laid in eternal rest is an emotional moment for those who are left behind. Aside from the thought of a permanent separation, the family needs to deal with the stress of organizing the burial ceremony. The focus of the preparation is selecting the casket that will form part of the memory of sending off your loved one.

Caskets, Salt Lake-Style

Having the wake in the family home or funeral venue is commonly observed in states like Utah where funeral services are very much filial and traditional. Utah also does not require a funeral director service to carry out the ceremony but give all dispensation of arrangements to family or next of kin.

In cities like Salt Lake City, selecting the right casket is made simple by the availability of friendly funeral products and service providers all willing to give support in a difficult time. They offer options that cater to a bereaved family’s unique needs. Choose a casket style based on the following:


Make sure you know how the coffin will be used. Would it be used for several days for a wake or will it be an immediate burial or cremation?


They could choose a casket from a premium line, with a personalized design that includes impeccable workmanship using high-grade materials; or choose a more affordable one with a simple veneer or hardwood with a beautiful yet affordable polished look.


Caskets are now made in an array of materials and combinations such as wood, metal, porcelain and veneers. Each material offers numerous gradients, textures and finishes (such as pine, cedar or mahogany for wood, and bronze or titanium for metal) as well as a mix of materials including glass, tar-based paper, and heavy-duty textiles.


Caskets come in various styles that incorporate color (traditional muted tones remain a popular choice), design (simple or ornamented), and type (open or closed- caskets). Some people even choose to design their own caskets.


Caskets can be ready-made (for immediate arrangement) or customized (for clients requiring a unique resting place for their departed).

Choosing the most suitable casket isn’t only about saying goodbye. Some cemeteries have specific rules on caskets, tombstones, and markers while mausoleums impose rules on urns and burial vaults. Salt Lake casket sellers are willing and ready to help in solving the intricacies of these funeral services in general.