4 Best Practices That Make Warehouse Management Efficient

Man using warehouse management system software on his iPad

Many companies are looking for ways to boost the performance of their business. One of the aspects to consider is warehouse operations, as it provides relatively low-cost improvements that boost efficiency.

ReverseLogix and other experts from logistics consulting companies list the following practices to improve this part of your company:

Automate when Possible

There are still companies that use manual data collection. While it saves money (or so they think), it costs significant time and effort. Moreover, this may be prone to human errors and miscalculations. Automating this aspect via radio frequency identification or bar-codes, however, simplifies the collection process and allows your employees to go through data faster. Automation minimizes mistakes and makes it easier to find a particular item in a warehouse containing hundreds or thousands of goods.

Change the Layout

Some warehouses have an inefficient layout wherein the least important items are closer to the doors or equipment that move them. This means your people and machines spend more time and effort picking up high value and fast-selling items further inside the warehouse.

Minimizing picking and moving times affect operations efficiency. Change the layout of the warehouse to address these problems and shorten travel distances between fast-moving products and those that take longer to sell.

Use Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system (WMS) allows companies to free up time and effort when employees collect data or still do the manual checking of stocks. This allows you to track employee performance, manage multiple tasks and resources simultaneously, and reduce overall production costs.

Bin Locations

Many companies are using bin locations, and you should do so as well. Using this makes it easier to locate products within the warehouse and showroom. This also allows you to find goods based on sales volume.

These are only some of the effective ways to improve your warehouse operations. Implement these to reduce wasted time traveling from one part to another, locate fast-selling goods, and maximize the performance of machines and labor.