3 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Man pointing on the SEO information

Digital marketing is not showing any signs of slowing down soon. In the United States alone, within the preceding 30 days, some 71 percent of internet users searched online for goods or services. Of this, a total 66 percent went ahead to complete a purchase online.

These are exciting times for digital marketing practitioners. By 2020, it is expected that the digital universe will hit forty trillion gigabytes while in just two years, approximately 90 percent of the world’s global data has been created.

How important is content? Using Coca-Cola as an example, Contently reports that the beverage giant’s content creation budget exceeds that of its TV budget. These three digital marketing trends should interest you.

Video Marketing

The continued rise of video as a critical component of digital content marketing in many companies is not surprising. A picture conveys more than a thousand words, but videos are far more compelling and emotive.

According to Facebook, there are ten times more comments on Facebook videos than regular videos. A video marketing agency in London may be able to help you in this area, so be sure to contact one.

Native Content

Standing out today is not just a matter of having a great production but also knowing how to position the content to look unobtrusive and valuable to the consumer. Ad-apathy is on the increase and consumers typically find ways of blocking “obnoxious” content.

Native content will run harmlessly alongside the organic content thus encouraging consumption.

SEO Marketing

The top three search engine results garner almost two-thirds of the organic clicks. This piece of statistics complements another that indicates SEO leads record a close rate of 6 percent, placing it above traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and print.

As the digital marketing terrain continues to evolve rapidly, marketers are working to keep up the pace. Meanwhile, the UK’s robust media history and tradition ensure the creation of ever-expanding opportunities.