Why Do You Need a Real Estate Agent When Purchasing a House?

The increase in services that help home sellers and buyers transact on their own make you wonder whether hiring a real estate agent is a thing of the past. While doing the job yourself can save huge amounts of rates and fees, flying solo should not be an option since it may end up costing you more than the agents’ commission in the end. Here is why:

1. Better access to all areas

Unless you attend all open houses in your neighbourhood, you will not have detailed information on available houses and their respective prices in every corner of the place you are targeting. In that case, a real estate agent will hunt down homes that meet your criteria and arrange with the seller and their agents for you to come and view the home. Playing this phone call tag by yourself becomes difficult, especially if you are engaged in other things during the day.

2. Pricing Expertise

A majority of experienced real estate agents pin a price tag on a home the moment they walk into it. While you may do this by pulling a few records about the neighborhood from the Internet, a real estate agent can tell whether a certain house has been overpriced or underpriced.

3. Handling the paperwork

Paperwork tends to be the most difficult part during a house purchase. However, working with professionals in the industry — as noted by First National Real Estate in Mills and Gibbon — eliminates the possibility of you being swindled by con men who are out there doing real estate business.

While there is a small number of people who can pull off buying a house by themselves, a majority cannot. This is clear from the frequently asked questions by people who try to it, but in vain. To make it not overburden you, incorporate the cost of a realtor in your budget for purchasing a new house.