Top Boiler Repair Signs to Watch Out For

Plumber Repairing Boiler

When your boiler functions properly, it efficiently heats up your property. Otherwise, a malfunctioning boiler could lead not only to discomfort but dangerous conditions as well.

Below are common red flags that indicate your boiler requires repairs.

Signs that you could have it repaired as soon as possible:

  • Weird Smells – You might notice an eggy or metallic smell if your boiler is leaking oil or gas. While carbon monoxide is odorless, suppliers of gas usually throw in some sulfur so that people could more easily detect gas leaks, hence the eggy, sulfury smell.
  • No Power – Your boiler’s power supply might be faulty if it doesn’t turn on. See if there are blown fuses that require replacements, otherwise, get a professional to test your unit’s internal power supply system, advises an experienced gas boiler service technician in Long Island.
  • Old Age – As with all mechanical equipment, your boiler would wear over time and would require repairs. A superior quality boiler could last for 15 years, more if it’s maintained properly and promptly repaired when needed.
  • Insufficient Heat – You might have an issue with heat delivery if you notice your boiler producing heat, but still fails to reach your desired temperature. This could indicate thermostat short circuits or buildup in the boiler tank.
  • Delayed Heating – If you notice your boiler takes a significantly long time to generate heat, it might have issues with circulation. You might likewise notice that your boiler turns off suddenly to prevent overheating.
  • Dripping or Standing Water – If you see puddles or moisture around your boiler, call a technician immediately as water leaks could cause severe property damage. Likewise, a leaky boiler utilizes more energy and has an increased risk of bursting.
  • Strange Sounds – If you hear clunks, thumps, whistles, or whirrs, these could indicate a damaged heat exchanger, broken heat pump, blocked system, or inefficient fan operation.

Always pay attention to how your boiler operates because even seemingly negligible changes in operation could mean serious mechanical issues, especially if you have an older model. Addressing the issues above as early as you can, would safeguard you, your family, and property from safety issues and freezing temperatures.