Rules to Impose in a Shared Office Space

shared office space with workersCommercial real estate prices in Australia are no joke. No wonder many are turning to coworking or sharing an office space to solve skyrocketing prices of business operation. Whether or not the setup works for them depends on the rules enforced on the space.

Should you consider a shared office space franchise, remember the following house rules:

Keep Conversations Private

There are dedicated spaces for meetings and conferences. No one should be divulging sensitive information in front of strangers, as this could easily compromise the business. Though this is not the shared office’s fault, it can still reflect poorly on your image if word gets out. A gentle reminder to practice discretion can go a long way in avoiding oversharing.

Respect One Another

A small office might have a room or floor all to himself or herself, but an individual who is renting a desk for the day will have a smaller space to roam. Their personal space should not be invaded, especially if they are in the thick of working. Conversely, they should not distract anyone else who is working nearby. It’s a two-way street, and while respect is something that should not need so big a reminder, a quote or anecdote about the matter can keep everyone in line.

Utilise Space Wisely

Your coworking space offers more than just a desk or room. If you provide free coffee or meals, encourage everyone to partake. A shared lunch can also be an excellent way to get everyone to interact. While it is not required of them to get to know everyone, being at a comfortable level keeps them on their good behaviour, and hopefully, that will be enough to enforce the first two rules without much scolding.

A shared office should be used according to the wishes of the person using it. However, it will not hurt your business if you remind them of a few things that will make everyone’s stay more pleasant.