Family First: 3 Signs You’re in the Right Neighbourhood

a line of houses

Buying a house for your family isn’t just about finding a property that suits your lifestyle. It’s about the community as well. A family-friendly neighbourhood is what you need. When visiting open houses in Melbourne suburbs, look beyond those pretty properties and look for these signs of a close-knit, warm community:

Kids Playing Outside

When you see children biking around the village and hanging around at playgrounds, it means it’s a good social environment. Your kids will be able to easily feel a sense of excitement about moving to this new community because kids their age are doing things they’re also interested in.

What’s more, communities that have kids playing outside indicate that it’s a safe neighbourhood. Consider getting a house and land package in a community around Williams Landing. It’s your best bet for a safe and kid-friendly neighbourhood.

People Greeting Each Other

Walk or drive around the village and see if neighbours know each other. Say, when one drives up to their house, while another is watering the plants, observe if they’ll wave or say hi to one another. If they do, it means members of this community interact and are willing to reach out to neighbours. If you want to feel at home in your new neighbourhood easily, these are the people you need to make the transition better.

Children Walking to School

This means there’s a school just near the neighbourhood. That would give you an instant option for your kid’s education. And again, this gives you an idea of the kind of security this neighbourhood offers. If kids can walk freely from house to school, then it must be a safe community.

Buying a house for your family is more than getting your dream house. It’s also about finding the right community. So remember, the next time you visit an open house, see if it’s also located in a welcoming community.