3 Reasons to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator Today

Sleeping woman

Based on a 2015 report, the top cities in the U.S. with the worst bed bugs infestations are Detroit, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cleveland-Akron, Ohio; Los Angeles, California; and Dayton, Ohio. Yikes!

Whether you live in these cities or not, here are some reasons you should immediately call bed bug removal companies if you think you have an infestation.

Itchiness, Scratching

Did you know that bed bugs could feed on human hosts for as little as three minutes and for as long as 15 minutes? Bed bugs feed on exposed parts of the skin, particularly on the face, arms, legs, necks, and hands. The frequency of the feeding has different effects on different people. Some people end up with welts and red bumps on their skin that can even lead to bacterial infection if not addressed immediately.

Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Bed bugs wait for the night to come to feed. If you have a nasty bed bug infestation, it can keep you up at night in more ways than one. The psychological and physical effects of bed bugs can result in not just sleeplessness, but also insomnia and sleep deprivation, which can all affect the quality of life.

Anxiety, Stress, and Fatigue

In one study, researchers found that in a bed bug infested home, 20% of people experience anxiety while 14% exhibit stress. Moreover, 29% experience sleeplessness and 22% said they go through emotional distress. If you don’t want to add to the anxiety you already feel, call a bed bug exterminator and have your home purged from these nasty bugs.

What’s good to know is that you don’t need to wait for an infestation to happen before you call a pest control company. Seriously, you shouldn’t. If you do, you may end up spending more than just pest control because the physical and psychological effects of bed bugs infestation are not cheap to address.