Professions That Will Stay in Demand

Doctor smiling and ready to work

The age of the Internet and smart gadgets has introduced new professions and careers. At the same time, computers will replace many jobs in the future. So if you are deciding what course to take in college, it is important to consider a career that is likely to stand the test of time and technology.

Here are some of them:


As they say, there are only two constant things in life: death and taxes. Since individuals and businesses will not stop paying taxes anytime soon, recruitment expert Barden notes that accounting jobs here in Dublin will stay in demand for years to come.

Medical Professions

There is no shortcut to providing treatment and caring for a patient. This is the main reason why doctors, nurses, and most medical professions will stay relevant in the future. These professions also require moral implications and ethical standards, which would be difficult for robots or machines to replicate.


The need to build new things and solve problems will be constant, and we need engineer to help address these. They will be the ones to design and create machines and robots, too, which make the profession sought after even in the future.

Social Workers

Just like the medical profession, this job requires ethics and compassion, something that robots and machines are not likely to develop. Caring for a child or a victim of abuse requires emotional intelligence, which will allow the person to perform their duty as a social worker.

While technology can do many things and make some tasks easier, it cannot completely replace humans. Just like any technology, artificial intelligence will have its limits. When it comes to working using creativity, compassion, and emotional intelligence, humans can do a far better job than robots.