The Cost Of Divorce

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Divorce is never easy. Marriage is a legal agreement you make when you are investing in a certain future with someone else. When it becomes clear that future is not going to happen, it is disappointing and this can provoke a lot of mixed emotions.

It takes time to heal after divorce. It is easier if you can get all the administration and legal matters taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is when it’s time to get yourself a divorce solicitor in London like Saracens Solicitors.


A good divorce solicitor in London will understand the emotional cost of the process. They will be sensitive to your need for a professional and informative service. Your solicitor is there to take care of all the administrative aspects of your divorce. Solicitors in London are numerous so make sure you speak to the people you will be working with in person to ensure that they are the right support for you.

If you are waiting on the outcome of a big decision like the division of assets or childcare arrangements, this comes with a certain amount of anxiety. Your solicitor should understand that and let you know about any developments as soon as possible. If you have to have any meetings with your former spouse, you will be able to have your divorce solicitor present to help you keep things business-like.


Divorce tackles the division of joint finances including any assets or valuables you acquired with your partner. Depending on your circumstances, this can be a complicated process that often involves the sale of property or transfer of property from joint names to a single name. These processes involve a number of legal documents that your solicitor can help you with. If there are joint pension interests or business ventures then you need specialist advice to ensure that everything is divided fairly and legally. Take as much information as you can to your solicitor when you first visit.

Even a basic divorce can set you back £1000 or more in legal and filing fees. As soon as there are assets or children involved, that figure goes up. Ask your solicitor for a schedule of fees before you start the process.