Parenting Style Alternatives for Divorced Couples

Parenting for divorced couples

Divorce marks the unfortunate end of a marriage. In most cases, the most affected ones in divorce are the children. Separation doesn’t mean abdication of your parental responsibilities. You and your ex can still parent your children amicably with the right mechanisms in place.

When negotiating various elements of your divorce under the guidance of your divorce lawyer in Santa Fe, ensure you tackle a parenting plan. This addresses the parenting arrangements that will work best for your children as well as you and your ex. Here are a few parenting styles you might select based on your case.

High-Conflict Parenting

This option is usually intended for exes who divorce because of physical and emotional abuse of one partner. High-conflict parenting negates any instances where you and your ex will meet, and communication in this style is through your respective lawyers. This minimizes the psychological trauma on your children from constant fights between you and your ex.

Parallel Parenting

This alternative is ideal for those who can’t see eye to eye. Instead of negating communication in total, you and your ex will have your separate parenting times and styles and agree to disagree with no interference from each other. In parallel parenting, you’re required to avoid any talk or contact that might trigger conflict.


This is meant for couples who have had an amicable divorce and still get along. You’ll naturally communicate with your ex and tackle any parenting issues together. Though co-parenting is the healthiest option for your kids’ upbringing, it requires exceptional maturity to navigate successfully.

Post-divorce parenting is generally a challenge, but you’re assured to find one that will fit your circumstances. After getting the ideal parenting style for your kids, it’s essential to have it properly documented in the divorce agreement. Failure to do this leaves you with no legal backup in case you need recourse in your arrangement.