Going South: Why the South is the New Place to Be

Man and woman trying to settle down in the south

Metro Manila has been overpopulated for years, but people still want to move into the city for work and entertainment. However, with the recent developments in Southern Luzon, people have the option to live the city life in a less crowded place.

Towns and provinces in Southern Luzon have been flourishing gradually during the past couple of decades. In fact, several municipalities have already achieved “City” status because of the significant growth in population and economy.

Opportunities for Work

Developers have transformed Alabang into an emerging business district that rivals those in Makati and Taguig CBD. High-rise buildings have mushroomed into the once humble town. With this development came various opportunities for work. Some who hail from provinces working in Metro Manila have already moved south so they can work closer to where they live.

Entertainment Spots

If fun activities and cool places to hang out are what you’re looking for, you’ll never be disappointed. Aside from numerous malls, the south boasts incredible tourist spots and beaches that require only a couple of hours travel.

Settling Down

When it comes to residential spaces, Cavite is one of the emerging prime locations that are worth looking into. Due to its proximity to Metro Manila and the emerging South cities, real estate developers have transformed Cavite into an ideal community for starting families. Aside from a wide range of real estate, the southern community also offers a family-oriented atmosphere and access to premier schools and universities.

Properties in the South Makes Sense

With the rapid development of the urban south, it only makes sense to grab the opportunity of getting a property before the demand catch up with the price. Checking out Cavite homes for sale can be your initial step to this goal and the most practical.