Brilliant Smiles

Woman brushing her teeth

The way the teeth look plays a big part in a person’s feelings about their overall appearance. Broken teeth, missing teeth and crooked smiles can all have a persistent negative effect on self-confidence.

Patients of Surrey dentists like Kingston Dental Clinic can access a wide range of solutions to the problems of funny-looking teeth. Visiting the cosmetic dentist in Kingston can transform a person’s aesthetic appeal.

A wealth of improvements

A Kingston cosmetic dentist can provide many types of aesthetic improvement. One of the most popular is teeth whitening. Adults can find that their teeth take on odd-looking patches of colour over the years. Food and drink leave behind residues that build up into unsightly stains on the teeth’s enamel surfaces. These stains need the professional attention of an experienced dentist.

The teeth whitening procedure is comfortable and straightforward. It can be carried out in the patient’s own home. They wear a custom-made tray over their teeth which contains a specially-formulated whitening agent. Over several sessions, they’ll develop a dazzling smile.

Looking at the future

A Kingston cosmetic dentist can adjust the position of the teeth. As well as appearing undesirable, wonky smiles can be a source of poor hygiene. Modern braces and aligners are discreet and efficient. Often made of tooth-coloured or transparent materials, these dental appliances straighten smiles with a minimum of fuss. Straighter teeth look more appealing and are easier to keep clean. The patient will enjoy these benefits for many years after their treatment is finished.

Missing teeth are another common cosmetic issue. A gap in the smile can make people reluctant to open their mouth in photos. A cosmetic dentist in Kingston has many ways to replace missing teeth, including dental implants. This technique uses small titanium posts, placed into the jawbone, to provide a stable base to which replacement teeth are securely attached. The new teeth are customised to be fully-functioning as well as natural-looking.

Working together

Cosmetic care is delivered with tact and understanding in a non-judgmental environment. The dental team get to know their patient so that they can offer the most appropriate solutions.