3 Reasons Why People Move to Australia to Work or Settle Down

Man and woman ready to move to Australia

Every year, more and more people are moving to Australia either to work or to migrate. Are you one of the people planning to move to Australia this year or soon? Here are some of the common reasons why people find Australia a good place to settle down.

Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city

For seven years in a row, Melbourne is once again the world’s most liveable city based on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Liveability Index. This survey ranked 140 countries every year. The top 5 for 2017 included Vienna in second, Vancouver in third, Toronto in fourth, and Adelaide, Calgary in fifth. Vystal Group notes that perhaps Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most liveable city is fuelling the Australian property investment boom as well.

Better Job Opportunities

Did you know that the rate of unemployment in Australia is pretty damn low? In November 2012, the unemployment rate was just 5.2 percent. In fact, finding a job in Australia is easier compared to other countries like the U.S., Ireland, and the U.K. There are many job openings in various industries including farm jobs, telemarketing, street marketing, retail, and hospitality.

Work Life Balance

Australian companies have as strict 9-to-5 work policy. This means you should be out of the office by 5 pm. It’s ideal for people who work in office-based jobs, but of course, for those who are working in farms, they might find themselves with more erratic or longer working hours to make a living. The working environment is pretty friendly too and is great for people who have families.

Are you planning to make the same move for your career and your family? Do consider working and settling down in Australia. There are many perks to living in this part of the world, and it’s not just because of better career opportunities. It’s also a great place to start and raise a family.