Which Stair Treads Are Right for You? Learn Here

Classic staircase design

Working or living in buildings where you have to use staircases is a thing that some people dread. And, they have every reason to; alighting stairs can be quite risky, primarily if you have not implemented the right safety measures. While there are various ways that you can make your stairways safe for use, the following will focus on one: installing the right stair treads.


Stair treads come in various materials. That will range from steel stair treads and other metals to plastic and rubber. It is imperative that you consider the material of the surface on which you will be laying the stair tread when choosing the material to use.


Installation costs can spike quickly and unexpectedly when you use stair treads that do not bind perfectly with the floor. That is especially so because you will require to use advanced fastening tools and materials to keep the treads in place. However, if it is only this mixing and matching that will help you to create the design that you have in mind, consult a stair tread specialist to determine how best to install them.


How easy the stair treads will be to clean is a critical factor that you must not ignore when choosing your stair treads. If you are installing specialised stair treads, your supplier should advise you on the best methods to use to keep them clean. Most importantly, ensure that the cleaning chemicals that you use do not bleach or weaken the stair treads.

Irrespective of the material and type of treads you use for your stairway, you want them to offer you an extended service life. Proper use of the stairs and cleaning with the recommended solutions will help you with that. However, the quality of the stair treads also plays a primary role here in extending the useful life of the treads.