Three Styles Options for Garage Doors

Man installing garage door

Garage doors form an integral part of a property’s exterior look. The choice of your door is hence not one you take lightly. Various factors will influence your decision. Among these factors is the installation style of your garage door.

There are various style options for garage doors for homes in Newcastle, NSW, to suit every home owner’s needs. Here are some installation styles you can select.

1. Sectional Doors

This style features multiple horizontal panels drawn together using hinges. Contractors install sectional doors with rollers and move through two parallel tracks, which open to each other.

Though they follow a particular mode of operation and construction, manufacturers can design sectional doors in different ways to complement your home’s exteriors.

2. Swing-Style Doors

Also called carriage-house doors, these doors open like French doors, and jambs on multiple hinges support them. Swing-style doors are typically made of composite material or wood to produce an elegant design.

The doors are exceptionally energy-efficient since they have minimal seams and are firmly sealed at the header and side jambs. They, however, need clearance, and you should ensure you have adequate space to open them.

3. Tilt-Up Doors

These work on a pivot-hinging mechanism. The mechanism allows you to fully lift your door and slide it upwards into the ceiling. There are multiple variations of tilt-up doors, including canopy and retractable designs.

The retractable design allows your door to fully retract into the ceiling while the canopy one has one portion that retracts beyond the garage.

From the options above, you are sure to find one that works for you. Your garage door’s final look and seamless operation primarily depend on its installation. For the best-looking and functioning garage door, get it professionally installed.