The Big Challenges of Having a Leaky House

A leaky home is one of the ways to describe a wet space. There is a lot of moisture or dampness around the house caused by many things such as a burst pipe or a hole in the ceiling or roof.

While it may be simple as seeing a few drops of water from the roof, it still warrants attention and repair.

The problems because of it may be too much to handle for you.

Leaky Homes Crisis

New Zealand is not new to leaky homes. In fact, the country is prone to a leaky homes crisis. During the 1990s, many homes featured a Mediterranean look complete with untreated timber as a frame then paired with plastic cladding. The houses also had flat roofs.

The use of these materials proved to be a huge problem because the plaster allowed water and moisture to build up and penetrate into the frames. It then hastened the deterioration of the structure of the building, making them unsound and even uninhabitable.

The issue, which lasted for more than 10 years since 1993, was so huge it affected more than 85,000 homes and cost around $23 billion.

Gradual Damage Insurance Clause

People living in leaky homes will have a problem with filing for an insurance claim. Many home insurance providers these days now include gradual damage exclusion in their policies.

What does this mean? It suggests you cannot get any money for any repair due to slow deterioration of your house such as the build-up of moisture.

Cleaning companies such as Pure Services that can perform a thermal imaging procedure to determine any presence of moisture or water damage before it becomes worse.

A leaky problem usually does not happen overnight. It may even be months or years before you discover it. The bad news is: there is a good chance by the time you learn about it, the damage is significant. It will be very costly for you. So act immediately.