Senior-friendly Bathroom Must-haves

Senior-friendly bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places an old person can be in. It might be in the comforts of one’s home, but the risk of slipping and avoidable accidents are the highest in that particular area.

Thus, whether or not your aging loved ones need it at the moment, or you simply want to prevent accidents from happening, having a senior-friendly bathroom is a good investment.

The function of a senior-friendly bathroom is similar to an ordinary one, but the safety is definitely is higher up several notches. Here are some features worth noting and including in your own bathroom.

Senior bathtubs

Bathtubs for the elderly you can buy from firms such as Heavenly Walk In Tubs are designed in such a manner that the risk of falling down and slipping will be minimized while still being able to enjoy comfortably the task of taking a bath.

It comes in different types depending on your need.

Grab bars

Strategically placed grab bars are necessary for every senior-friendly bathroom. Having something to hold on to can prevent falling down or lessen the degree of injury from doing so.

Anti-slip mats

Having these in your bathtub and bathroom floor can definitely decrease the risk of slipping due to wet or moist areas.

Elevated toilet seats

Sitting down or getting up from the toilet can also be challenging to an elderly person who has weak knees and joints. Raised toilet seats, along with the help of grab bars can make the task easier and safer.

Proper lighting

Keeping your bathroom well lighted will not only give it a good and fresh ambiance. It will also help elderly people easily navigate through the area and see things better, preventing accidents from happening.

Having a senior-friendly bathroom might mean a bigger investment. But, it is something worth spending at, as the safety of your loved one is something that you cannot compromise.