Repainting Tips for Ornamental Wrought Iron Gates and Fences

Rusting aluminum fence

Even metal fences can incur damage over time, especially if it is exposed to corrosive agents in the atmosphere. A fresh coat of paint is often the only thing your fence and gate need to have protection from the elements. Applying a fresh layer of paint can solve the problem and enliven the surface. When you are ready to repaint, you must consider the proposition carefully.

When is a good time to paint over metal?

A new coat of paint on metal should render the surface smooth and slick. If you divide the work into sections and allot a day for each, then you risk having an uneven surface. Schedule one day devoted only to painting the fence. If there were brush marks when the paint dries, the outcome would be sub par. You will see these marks when the painting is done when the environmental temperature is quite high. Choosing a cool day to paint can be the best decision you make.

The prep

All metal gates and fencing require preparation before the actual painting ensues. A wire brush should allow you to remove debris, old paint, and rust on the surface. You cannot paint over these previous applications. The fence and gate must have a clean and rough surface that is ready for paint to cling to. You want the paint to adhere, of course. To make sure the surface is ready, wipe it down with a clean rag.

Rust mitigation

If you are repainting because of rust on the metal surface, then you must take extra care in choosing the primer. A rust-inhibiting primer should e enough for use in spot priming. Nevertheless, surfaces, which are at highest risk for rusting, can receive a full coat of primer.

Lastly, remember that good quality paint will mark any surface it comes in contact with. For that reason, the prepping must also include covering and protecting surrounding areas.