Popular Interior Design Themes That Will Look Fab on Your Home

Amazing interior design

Expertly done themed interiors are something that professional designers can bring to the table. To style your home or pad like a pro, check out these popular themes to get an idea on how to accomplish them.

Scandinavian Interior

This is currently a very popular do because it is simple, chic and inexpensive. A Scandinavian Design uses mostly white and different shades to gray. The spaces are open, and the details are primarily geometric in shape.

The challenge with this highly minimalist design is adding warmth and texture to the room. All white can come off a little too cold. You would still want that homey vibe so for your living spaces; you can bring in small clay planters and greens for a touch of color.

Tuscan-inspired Home

Tuscany, Italy is popular for its gorgeous valleys, vineyards and sunflower fields. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance and continues to have a significant influence on high culture and design. A Tuscan-inspired interior will primarily feature earth tones, distressed wood, greens and floral accents.

You can copy the Old Italian home by going with colors like palomino, wheat, and latte. Bring in furniture like Tuscan clay planters you can buy from vendors such as Authentic Provence. What you get is a rustic sun-kissed look and feel, a classic do that does not go out of style.

Just ask Miley Cyrus who owns a gorgeous Tuscan-inspired mansion in L.A. For more ideas, check out this post by The Spruce.

The Bohemian Look and Feel

Everything that’s Bohemian represents a departure from what is common. In home design, a Bohemian look and feel tends to be very colorful, sometimes eclectic, and artfully cluttered.

If you are Bohemian, you tend to be very expressive about who you are and what you believe in, and that should show in your choice furniture pieces and home accessories.

The great thing about going thematic is that it serves as a guideline on which pieces to include and which to throw out. It also narrows down your choices of colors. The more inconsistent you are with your theme, the fewer mistakes you are likely to make.