Plumbing Issues that Home-buyers Often Overlook

Plumber fixing the sink

Moving into a new home? Surely, you’ve checked the house for any problem or repair needed, right?

One of the most important things you need to consider when buying or renting a home is to check its plumbing system. But, despite your best efforts, there are still some things that you might miss.

If there are repairs, make sure that you have reputable technicians on speed dial. A-Plus Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, for example, understands that plumbing emergencies can occur even at night and weekends, which is why they are ready to help 24/7.

Here are some of the things that home-buyers and renters may overlook:

Water Heaters

This home appliance can last for approximately 10 years, provided it undergoes routine inspections and the necessary repairs. It’s also important that you find out whether the tank is undersized for your family’s needs.

Sewer Lines

Without repairs and routine maintenance, the sewer lines will end up clogged. This is likely to cause raw sewage backup leaking out of drains and ruining your home. There’s also a probability that the main line collapses and that will require major repair or replacement. Waiting isn’t an option when it comes to these things. Also, check for stagnant water and foul odor around the septic tank’s location.

Water Meter

Inspecting the water meter can help you detect whether there’s a leak in the home or not. Because no one has been occupying it for some time, it shouldn’t be running, right? If it is, then call a plumber right away, as this can take a toll on your water bill in the long run.

Don’t just base your next purchase or renting decision on the house’s facade. Make sure that you check its nooks and crannies, as there may be repairs that you need to do before moving in. Finding the problems right away can prevent you from shelling out thousands of dollars for repairs. Be smart in picking your next home.