Make That Container Garden a Reality

Woman taking care of her container garden

Micro-gardening is all the rage, especially for homeowners who own small yards. If you are considering this form of gardening, it’s likely you’ll need to shop for a suitable container to use. The fact is, all pots are not equal, so it’s imperative to pick one that fits your specific needs and budget. Here are some factors you need to check.

Size of the planter

If you are going to grow larger plants, choosing large copper garden planters makes more sense as they are more spacious than smaller options. The size of the container will also most likely determine what kind of plant you’d like to grow.


For many gardening projects, most experts would suggest clay or terracotta pots. These are more affordable options if you have a small vegetable garden. However, buying a copper planter enhances your garden’s beauty and helps prevent garden pests from infesting your plants.

Make it Natural, Make it Earth-friendly

It’s crucial that you buy planters that have the least impact on the environment. You may want to veer away from products whose construction processes use up too much fossil fuel. Go for containers you can reuse as many times as possible to protect the environment.

You can choose to use clay and even wooden planters. These are better and natural options over plastic or rubber planters.
Recycle and Reuse

Making a planter is easier and more affordable than you may have imagined. If you have the time and energy, you can collect the suitable containers you already have at home and re-purpose them creatively into practical containers.

When building a garden, consider your options to determine which pots and planters will meet your needs based on your garden design and decor. Go for products that save time, money, and the environment.