Keeping Your Home Secure: Your Windows

When you want to secure your home or business premises, there are many measures you can put in place. You can secure your doors with locks, but you can secure your windows with security bars. In Melbourne and other Australian cities, using these security bars are becoming more popular because of the advantages they give.

Increased Security

Typically, window bars are installed on the inner side of the window. This means that any intruder trying to access your property will have to break the glasses and risk attracting attention before he/she even gets to the window bars. In this case, window security bars in Melbourne offers an increased safety compared to the other methods like shutters which can be opened by intruders from outside the premises without arousing any attention.

Low Maintenance

Window security bars operate manually, which means they are not complicated mechanisms which can break down quickly. Additionally, in case they give out, they don’t require professional maintenance.

Security Bars Does Not Limit Window Use

When you use other approaches like roller shutters, natural light and fresh air cannot enter your home without opening the shutters. However, with window security bars, this is not the case because you can still receive natural light and fresh air without comprising your security.


Compared to other security measures, window bars are relatively affordable. Therefore, you can secure your grounds at a fraction of the price. This quality makes security window bars cost-effective and reliable.
These window bars and grills could also be easily cleaned and maintained. You could also add design details to make your windows more appealing.
If you want to increase the security of your home, you can buy dead locks, install cameras, and even have a fence. But for your windows, security bars is a wise decision.