Keeping it Shh: Four Ways to Reduce Noise Levels at Home

Heavy drape to avoid loud noise outside

Exposure to high levels of noise can lead to stress and other health conditions such as heart disease, hearing loss, and sleep deprivation. Luckily, one can avoid outdoor noise pollution by staying home. But, what happens when your house turns into a noisy place, too? Here are some solutions.

Hang heavy drapes

If noise typically comes from the outside, then you need to insulate your property. One of the easiest yet cheapest ways to do this is by covering thin windows with heavy drapes. To absorb sound, opt for draperies made of heavy materials like velvet and wool. But, if you wish to block external noise, invest in mass loaded vinyl curtains instead.

Invest in carpeting

Tiles and hardwood floors generate noise and echo, especially inside small apartments. Reduce noise levels by covering the floor with rugs or thick carpet tiles. Other than enhancing the aesthetic of your home, carpets and rugs also muffle sounds coming from below. A supplier of Milliken carpets in Birmingham says that carpet installation can be tricky, so it’s best to work with a professional.

Check noise ratings

Do you know that manufacturers rate appliances according to the noise they generate? When purchasing home machinery such as a fan, vacuum, or dishwasher, ask about its noise rating first. Check for the unit of loudness, a unit of loudness that determines how much noise an appliance can create. Select appliances with a low sound value.

Seal door and window gaps

Noise comes from different areas. It can originate from a yelling neighbour or a brother playing video games in the other room. You cannot stop noises like these, but you can prevent them by caulking your windows. You can also use insulating foams for small gaps in between doors. Be wise about sealing, though; make sure you don’t need to open your window any more.

It’s important to manage noise even when inside your property. Apart from preventing stress and heart diseases, a calm and controlled abode boosts family interaction as well.