How to Mix Wood and Metal for Your Interiors

Interior Design with Earth Elements

An eclectic home is something that you can achieve if you want your interiors to become interesting. Eclecticism in design means putting together things that you do not expect to work well together. But that does not mean that you will mix and match whatever you find along the way. You need to have balance. And this is something that you can achieve with the help of a wood-metal combo.

You can come up with an eclectic and industrial look. However, you need to follow some rules if you want things to flow beautifully. Here are some of them:


Finally, complementing two different elements can create an aesthetic appeal. In this case, you can apply it to different house parts and settings. For example, you can go for a combination of wooden stair treads and metal balustrades.

Go for Wood Colours

Keep in mind that you have a lot of wood choices when it comes to design. If you are leaning towards a lighter and brighter option, it will help if you go for plywood. Darker wood choices might have aged features. You can also mix and match wood colours to create an exciting contrast.

Choose Metal Finishes

Speaking of contrast, you should be careful and creative when choosing a metal finish. Some rust quickly, so go for those that have been galvanised. Regardless, the finish is something that you can use to attract attention.

Overall, designing your home with wood and metal can make your home more beautiful. If you want to get the best results, you should seek inspiration from interior design magazines and similar resources online.