Home Improvement Hierarchy: Remodelling Projects with the Highest Returns

Home Remodelling

When taking on a home improvement project, it is common to think about how it will look once completed. Home improvements have a significant impact on a home’s appearance, after all. As it could cost a pretty penny to finish, it is also important that a homeowner be smart about their spending and consider which home improvement projects offer the best return on investment.

Essential Home Maintenance

Even with a glamorous kitchen and bathroom remodel, a home’s value could go down if water is leaking into the foundation. Therefore, every homeowner’s priority should be on keeping the existing structure sound first before spending money on additions. From a buyer’s perspective, for instance, a house with a modern, functional bathroom is appealing. If that same house is in need of a roof replacement, for instance, the buyer could opt not to push through with the deal or try to acquire the property at a lower price. So, address maintenance issues first for lesser repair expenses and a higher return on investment (ROI) in the long run.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

The bathroom is a top choice for a remodel and it is no surprise why: a bathroom overhaul can lead to an ROI of up to 85%. On a similar vein, squeezing in an extra toilet can boost a home’s value by 5%, which is about a £15,000 increase on the average home. A survey by Sainsbury’s Bank Insurance, meanwhile, cites kitchen improvements as yielding the greatest return on investment.

Homeowners should take care not to go overboard on remodels, however, and opt for affordable quality instead of expensive, personal taste.

Increasing Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal has a significant impact on a property, possessing the power to impress a potential buyer. Homeowners should, therefore, invest in improving the external aesthetics of their home to convey a sense of welcome. Companies like Joinery For All Seasons, for instance, promise high quality and breathtaking designs to enhance home improvements further.

Make your home improvement project a success by choosing one that adds value to your home and offers a great return on investment. It will have more benefits in the long run, after all.