Four Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Cleaning the gutter for winter

We’re halfway through the year and winter is coming. Make sure you’re prepared for the cold by considering these tips:

Invest in heating systems

Homes that experience extreme winter conditions should consider installing a fireplace. Apart from stabilizing room temperature, a fireplace can reduce energy costs as well. Use tank-less water heaters from All Hours Plumbing and HVAC to avoid freezing baths during the cold season.

Secure outdoor gear

Autumn is the best time to put away outdoor gear like gardening tools, swing sets, and patio furniture. Clear your garage to make way for outdoor equipment and don’t forget to clean and cover them before storing away. Doing this ensures the quality of your equipment even after winter.

Clear the gutters

Rain and melted snow can cause leaks and damages to your property. Prevent this from happening by clearing out the gutters in advance. Remove twigs, leaves, and install snow guards to prevent sheets of ice from damaging your roof.

Seal up the windows

Windows may break and open during harsh winter conditions so don’t forget to seal them up. Caulk visible cracks and cover windows with thin plastic film to ensure their stability. You can also tape them down with double-sided tape for double protection. Consider investing in blackout curtains to prevent heat loss and keep energy bills low.

Freezing temperatures bring a host of health risks that can seriously affect you and your household. Make sure your home is well-guarded against the cold by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind.