5 Great Design Ideas for Large Living Rooms

Amazing living room

We all have issues concerning home design and layout and sometimes, having too much living space is one of them. If you find your living room spacious, here are five design tips to make the most out of it:

Add some greenery

Tall-potted plants can make a huge difference on the look and ambiance of a large living space. Fill bare corners with indoor plants, such as rubber trees and jade plants. Make sure that they receive enough sunlight to keep them growing for a long time.

Invest in a fireplace

A fireplace may seem too much, but it’s a great investment for homes that experience intense winter conditions. Design experts and companies that provide fireplaces in Salt Lake City say that apart from stabilizing cold temperatures, installing a fireplace can increase home value and reduce energy costs.

Build a small library

Instead of renovating, why not turn a portion of your living room into a library? Install some bookshelves and add a couch that is comfortable for reading. Accentuate the area by layering some lights and adding a side table.

Place furniture wisely

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners commit when designing a living room is placing the wrong furniture in the wrong area. Assign sofas strategically and make sure they don’t block windows and entryways. Use over-sized ottomans that can complement the room and fill empty spots with art and photographs to create a compressed yet visually appealing space.

Play with color

If you aren’t keen on adding furniture and decorations, spruce up your space by repainting the walls. Opt for dark, muted colors for a cozy feeling or bright colors combined with neutral shades for a bold and exciting look. Patterns can also make a difference in a bare and spacious living room.

Bring family and friends together by creating a comfortable and welcoming living room. Consider investments that can add value to your property and focus on the finer yet more interesting details.