4 Smart Tips on Making Your Condo Unit More Spacious

Kitchen and living area

One of the main concerns for condo owners is to make their units more spacious. The problem usually occurs when you have too many things you want to add. With so many ideas, you might get confused about which should be prioritised.

While hiring a seasoned condo interior designer in Singapore is your safest bet, there are many other ways you can try on your own. To help you get started, here are some tips to achieve that spacious and comfortable feel in your condo unit:

Maximise the Empty Spaces

Be creative and resourceful with those awkward empty spaces. You will usually see these on the corner or space under the stairs. Try converting these empty spaces into a study area or a mini bar.

Choose Functional Furniture

When it comes to a studio type or one-bedroom unit, you need to be smart with your furniture items. Scale your unit and your furnishings. Instead of adding bulky tables or large cabinets, try installing wall-mounted shelves to store your valuables. This can save your floor area and match the overall design of your condo unit.

Play with Reflection

Adding mirrors is the best way to make the area look more spacious. Use this trick in smaller rooms or hallways. Mirrors can create an illusion of space. Many interior designers call this the splitting image technique. Make your bedroom look bigger by installing a life-size mirror.

Install Appropriate Dividers

Another challenge for people living in a condo is separating the living room from the dining room. Adding huge dividers or bulky furniture can consume most of the space. The better alternative for this is to use curtains to separate two rooms.

Freeing up more space is key to making your condo unit look bigger and organised. Use all the help and information you can get to ensure success.