3 Ways to Create a Minimalist Home That Still Feels Cosy

Minimalist interior living room

When it comes to modern interiors, minimalist designs have become a default choice. More people are embracing simple, clean aesthetics, as the world around becomes more distracting and overstimulating. But sometimes, designs become a little too plain that it tends to look flat and cold. Your minimalist sanctuary doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some ways to pull off a minimalist home that still feels homey:

1. Go for Natural Materials

One of the reasons minimalist interiors look unwelcoming is the fact that they look too organised or staged. What you need to add is something more natural. People are naturally drawn to nature because it creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation. So, for your own space, go natural. Use hardwood floors. Place an indoor vertical garden at your kitchen or bathroom. Or, open up your interiors to your outdoor space, to the view of your greenery. Install sliding door cavity units in your kitchen opening up to your patio.

2. Focus on Texture

Minimalist homes often have neutral colour schemes, which sometimes is the reason the space looks lifeless. When you can’t go bold on your palette, increase the elements that bring texture. Go for materials that have soft, warm tactile characteristics. For instance, in your accent decor, consider placing faux fur rugs, velvet pillows or silk curtains. For furniture, you may choose chaise lounge chairs and rattan tables. These aesthetic details can offer different points of visual interest in the space, drawing away attention from the ‘flat’ colour palettes.

3. Personalise Your Space

Another reason minimalist designs feel stiff is they sometimes look straight out of a Pinterest board or an interior design magazine. It simply doesn’t appear ‘yours’. To break that, give your space your unique character. Hang some family photos on bare walls. Put your favourite art piece as the table centrepiece. Dedicate self-care zones in each section of the house, say, a reading nook in a kitchen corner or a Zen pond in the living room. Whatever you do, make sure your space speaks of your personality.

Minimalist interiors don’t have to look cold and stiff. Take note of these tips to create a simple, clean design that’s still cosy.