Novel Design Concepts to Consider for Corporate and Private Events

Large event tent interior

Event coordinators and planners these days are going outside the box when building conservatories. These all-weather glass and steel structures are brightly lit and have their own unique lighting systems, with lots of greenery.

Conservatory Craftsmen points out that event center builders are creating dramatic and utilitarian designs for multi-function events places.

Events Place Designs

Corporate events or private affairs don’t need to be too formal with round tables and a center stage. There are times when creating a unique design can reveal the event’s purpose. Sometimes, budget considerations force designers and planners to push for creative solutions.

One of the simplest design changes is to have the stage at the center of a ballroom. Other creative touches branch out from there. This layout would no longer need a stage backdrop, and the people who would be speaking or entertaining onstage would need a clear path to the staging area or dressing room.

For smaller groups or where there are breakout sessions within the same venue, different chairs can be used, such as bean bags or ottomans. Smaller center tables can also be used with these chairs or may be left out altogether.

Going Natural and Local

One way to save on backdrops is to use lights or place local plants around the area strategically. These may include palms, herbs, flowering plants, or even wildflowers. Setting up an art gallery can also be cheaper. Alternatively, art, sculptures, and paintings by local artists can be placed in strategic areas as part of the decoration. The venue can serve as a pop-up art gallery, where the artworks are also for sale.

Creativity in events planning can become thin with the same venues and decorations. Using different approaches, such as incorporating greenery or local artwork, can make any event look fresh and interesting.